MultiStat® is Quick-Med’s family of patented compounds and technologies, Matrix Metalloproteinase Inhibitors (MMPIs), that modern research has shown to play a key role in numerous skins conditions, and boasts a broad spectrum of uses including cosmetic and pharmaceutical (consumer, medical, and military).

MultiStat® has demonstrated clinical success in improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles resulting from natural aging or sun damage, and has significant benefits in other skin conditions, such as roughness or redness.

MultiStat® is currently an active ingredient in commercially available anti-aging creams.

Ilomastat, a MultiStat®-family compound, is one of the most powerful synthetic MMPI compounds in existence.  It has been shown in laboratory testing and in clinical animal models to provide significant protection from vesicant injuries (such as sulfur mustard), and to promote healing after injury in both skin and eyes.  The US Army has funded Quick-Med research into the uses of Ilomastat as protective or curative agent against potential terrorist threats from Sulfur Mustard gas, with results demonstrating improved recovery from vesicant eye injury.

MultiStat® - Technology Platform

2008 World Union of Wound Healing Societies: Protease Inhibitors Prevent Microvesication in Sulfur Mustard Wounds in Human Skin Explants