NimbuDerm™ is a novel copolymer under development to deliver a breakthrough in hand-hygiene technology. The persistent hand sanitizer has achieved proof-of-principle in providing extraordinarily long lasting antimicrobial protection that is safe, effective, and instant.  It reduces bacteria on hands and prevents infections before they develop, contributing to good health, minimizing cost and risk, and saving lives.

NimbuDerm™ has been formulated as a skin-soothing composition, and unlike the alcohol based skin sanitizers available today, it does not lose its efficacy soon after application.  NimbuDerm™ can be removed with a soap and water wash, but because it remains active for eight hours, it doesn’t need to be re-applied after every activity.  Thus it is kind to the skin.

NimbuDerm™ is effective against MRSA and VRE, two resistant bacterial strains, as well an extensive list of bacteria commonly associated with infections.  It acts immediately, reducing the invasive population by 99.99% and has been shown to be 99.9% effective against viral contamination as well.

Like other marketed hand sanitizers, NimbuDerm™ provides rapid protection but it is differentiated by imparting sustained protection for up to eight hours.

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2009 Wound Healing Society: NimbuDerm™ Hand Sanitizer Technology